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Basic movement with/without the ball - Set of movements carried out by a player on court.

Bouncing the ball - Rebounding the ball from the court.

Catching the ball - Take hold of the ball after a pass from another player.

Centre back (CB) - A player positioned largely around the midcourt  who initiates the offensive play, shoots or tries to penetrate the defense; also called a "playmaker".

Changing direction - Altering the position towards which someone moves.

Court referee (CR) - Referee behind the attacking team watching for any defensive or offensive fouls by the court players or any possession violations.

Goal line referee (GR) - Referee on the outer goal line who watches for any violations and verifies if the ball completely crossed the goal line for a goal.

Goalkeeper - A player positioned inside the goalkeeping area who is – opposed to field players – allowed to use his legs.

Handling the ball - Dribbling, catching or passing the ball.

Left back (LB) - A player positioned on the left hand side of the  middle back carrying out action in the second line of the attack.

Left-handed player - Player using and throwing with his left hand.

Left wing (LW) - A player positioned on the left side of the court

Line player (LP) - Playing position in attack. A player who is active largely around the six-metre line among the defenders; also called "pivot"

EHF Officials - There are up to five officials controlling and administering an EHF handball game: two referees, a timekeeper, a scorekeeper, an EHF observer and an EHF supervisor

Playing positions - The seven playing positions are: goalkeeper, left wing, left back, middle back, line player, right back and right wing.

Passing the ball - Throwing the ball to another player from the team.

Piston movement - Basic attacking movement by moving continuously forwards and backwards.

Right back (RB) - A player positioned on the right hand side of the  middle back carrying out action in the second line of the attack.

Rebound - The ball bouncing back after e.g. hitting the bar of the goal.

Right-handed player - Player using and throwing with his right hand.

Right wing (RW) - A player positioned on the right side of the court

Sidestepping - A technical element of the attacker’s basic movement executed by continually moving sideways mainly in width.
Throwing in the ball - Passing or shooting the ball.

Turning - Changing the direction or movement on court.

II. Defense

Blocking the ball - Basic defensive element: stopping a shot by using hands.

Defensive strategy where a defender is assigned a Man marking specific opposition player to guard rather than covering an area of the court.

Getting the rebound - Catching the ball that bounces back after a shot.

Holding the opponent - Physical contact to stop the opponent’s movement towards a scoring opportunity.

Interception of the ball - Stop and catch the ball before it reaches a particular place (e.g. to intercept a pass).

Man-to-man defense systems - Opposed to zone defense, here the players try to mark the opponents closely and prevent them from even getting the ball.

Combined defense system - Player(s) in the defending team have man marking tasks, the others use a zone defense.

Stealing the ball - Taking ball possession when the opponent is holding or bouncing the ball.

Tackling - Physically holding the opponent in order to prevent shooting.

Zone defense systems -  Can be 6:0 (six players on the goal area line), 5:1 (5 players on the goal area line, one player in front of them), 4: 2, 3:2: 1 (open defense), 3:3, 1: 5 (open defense)

III. Offence

Combination - Set play with the activity of the players and the path of the ball determined.

Dribble the ball - Maneuvering the ball by bouncing it on the floor

Extended fast break - Fast attack with first and second wave of players moves in another

Fake run movement - The attacker pretends to run in one direction, but supported by the entire team. Tricking the opponent with a hand or body Faking movement, e.g. body fake, pass fake, shooting fake, rotation fake, etc.

Give-and-go - Offensive play that involves passing the ball (give) and then running (go) to an open spot to receive the ball back.

Shooting on goal - Throwing on goal with an overarm shot, side bend shot, underarm shot, falling jump shot, jump shot,  jumping with both feet, etc

Overarm shot - A shooting technique carried out with the arm moving above the shoulder level.

Underarm shot - A shooting technique carried out with the arm moving below shoulder level.

Jump shot - A shooting technique performed having the players feet off the floor.

Bounced shot - Shooting on goal with the ball hitting the floor on its way.

Spin shot - A type of shot with the ball changing direction when bounces back from the floor.

Tactics - A set of planned game elements to be used in attack and in defense by a team during the given game.

Throw through/over the wall - Overtime free throw with the defensive wall three meters from the shooting player.